Like a garden

« The vineyard consists of eight hectares in a single block, including one of white wine grapes. It is cultivated like a garden, with the same care and attention as at Domaine de Chevalier… Weed killers and chemical fertilisers are banished, the soil is ploughed, and the only fertiliser is natural compost. The vineyard is protected from insect pests such as grape worms by organic methods such as mating disruption. We adapt vineyard management to each individual plot, taking into account even the tiniest variations in terroir as well as the weather conditions in each vintage. We contribute a great deal of experience and added value to the crop, especially in difficult years. I can honestly say that very few estates lavish as much care and attention as we do… »

« The harvest at Lespault-Martillac is typical of our very demanding standards: no machines are used, of course, and white wine grape grapes are picked individually at peak ripeness in several passes. The red wine grapes are first sorted in the vineyard and then at the cellar on two sorting tables. »

« Great wine is always made from great grapes... »

Winemaking methods