New Deal

« Very early on, long before running the estate, I had what you might call an almost intimate relationship with Lespault-Martillac. I frequently passed in front of the château and never failed to admire the unique charm of its beautiful 18th century country house protected by a tree-lined drive and surrounded by gentle vine-covered slopes… »

« It is hard not to fall under the charm of this small estate overlooking the commune… »

Olivier Bernard Lespault-Martillac

“I have had a cordial relationship with the owner, my neighbour Jean-Claude Bolleau, for quite some time. Aware that his wine was not living up to its excellent potential, Monsieur Bolleau regularly spoke to me of his desire to improve matters. As the years went on, a project was agreed upon so that when it came to renew the lease in 2008, he asked me if I wished to take over.

We both took stock of what needed to be done to produce a wine worthy of the terroir and to restore its reputation. The 25-year lease we signed will enable me to manage the estate from a long-term perspective, which is the way things ought to be in my opinion… »